Virtual Event

Upload your run

Mandatory items to submit your result:
1) Your racematix registration ID
2) The Strava link of your activity
3) Your GPX file
4) The required photos

Important notes:
- You can find your registration ID at the bottom of your confirmation email from Racematix.
- You need to record your run with Strava either using your GPS device (Garmin, Suunto, etc...) or the Strava mobile app
- For detailled instructions on how to get your GPX file out of Strava, please visit here
- Photos: each photo must be in JPEG or PNG format and less than 2 Mb
- You can upload your result only once
- Deadline of result submission: 11:59pm of 3rd November 2022


Once uploaded, the status will be updated here. Please do not submit the same run / file twice.

Rank Gen. Rank Cat. Rank BIB Name Gender Category Start time End time Elapsed time Avg speed
Please input your registration ID to download your official certificate.